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Erica speaks to the Raw Talent Podcast

High-end Fashion recruitment consultant and founder of Fashion Heaven Inc. Fiona Abrahams kindly invited our founder to talk all things CAD on her popular fashion industry podcast 'Raw Talent'. The podcast is available on Apple and Spotify; featuring some of today's most relevant topics.

In S4 Episode 8 of Raw Talent, I am joined by Erica Horne founder of CAD For Fashion. Erica and her team teach the most effective steps for computer and iPad based Photoshop and Illustrator. They offer group sessions and one-to-one lessons with a step-by-step watch, learn and do approach for students, graduates, established and senior designers of all levels.

Erica believes iPad Illustrator launched in 2020 will revolutionise fashion CAD with its speed, accuracy and ease of use. It makes light work in enabling a designer to create highly professional CAD's and illustrations to a professional standard, a skill we see people continually honing throughout their fashion careers.

Erica explains that her teaching style is very engaging based on the philosophy of “if the why is clear, the how is easy”. The feedback is that she makes a difficult skill seem easy. Her goal is to help people to overcome the software barrier and blast through any built-up fears and presumptions by keeping it bite-sized and relevant supported by reassurance and help.

CAD for Fashion was established in 2018. Having sought business advice from schemes up and down the country, she did an elevator business workshop to establish a roadmap and launched her studio with group classes that pivoted online when the pandemic struck offering recorded sessions for easy playback.

Having won a local award scheme for digital and creative enterprise in 2020, Erika has continued to hone her courses which have a maximum of 6 people. She introduced a series of 1-hour skills updates which have proved very popular with the international community. People are inspired by how friendly, patient and supportive CAD For Fashion team are.

Erica also works in-house with a wide range of clients including Motor Direct who have very specific requirements including lots of panels, graphics and customization. She developed a process that allowed them to quickly draw a design and create 10 more in a matter of minutes dramatically improving efficiency. She has also worked with a knitwear design sourcing company needing help illustrating knitted samples from China with the right gauge proving that Illustrator can be highly effective in design and range building allowing digital sign-off for certain product types saving time and money.

Many designers are self-taught and Erica has focused heavily on illustration, hand-drawn illustration and techniques to help them create professional illustrations using Procreate, digital drawing apps and iPad Illustrator...

Read more about Ericas thoughts on 3D in fashion as well as her plans for C4F in 2022 in the full blog post >>>> here

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