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Creative digital skills for Fashion Education

The fashion industry is changing... what actions are you taking to keep up?

Embracing and integrating technology

Educators face the constant battle of the day-to-day of their jobs and the need to up-skill and educate themselves on the latest tech and innovation. Not only do they need to stay informed and relevant but it's crucial that they are informed enough to include technology in a meaningful and relevant way that prepares their students for a future in fashion.

Last week we had the pleasure of spending the day training the fashion, textile and business lecturers at Nottingham College. It was our first session with the team and we focussed on upskilling staff, increasing confidence, and awareness as well as providing them with insight into where industry and Higher Education are headed.

User-friendly and student-friendly techniques During the day we shared our 'very easy method' of drawing garment flats with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. This method makes the process of learning, drawing and teaching so much easier. We also looked at new selection tools in Photoshop, repeat prints and textures for illustration. "CAD for Fashion showed us some great user/student-friendly techniques that I had never seen before that will make teaching and learning the software more enjoyable for everyone." CAD tutor at Nottingham College Generative Ai tools to enhance learning and creativity To finish off the session we looked at generative re-colour in Illustrator and generative fill in Photoshop as well as tools like NewArc. Generative Ai offers a really accessible and fun introduction to creative tech that requires students to exercise their knowledge of technical terms in fashion, problem-solving, and pattern recognition skills. The sense of achievement the students get from generating such strong results lowers their guard, gets them interested and spurs them on to learn even more. With student engagement so low, these tools are a blessing! If you are an educator unsure of how to adapt and integrate digital, creative technology then we are here to help!

Education Support

With extensive experience in industry and education, we can provide crucial insight as well as practical support to you and your student.

Tailored lesson plans, exercises, video resources, handouts and assets to support the delivery and integration of CAD and other creative technology in Education.

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