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Product-specific, tailored training to get your entire design team working together seamlessly. Online or on-site you control the content and the pace. 


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Did you know that your design team are mostly self-taught in CAD software?

Even recent graduates have received little formal training for using CAD in an industry setting. This results in an uneven level of knowledge and confidence, which directly affects productivity, creativity, and morale.

CAD for Fashion was created to address the need for better, more relevant, and effective CAD training taught by tutors with industry and software expertise.


The team at CAD for Fashion are patient, highly knowledgeable, and adaptable, which made it easy for us to enrol employees with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. The course was well-structured and easy to follow, allowing us to make the most of our time. As a result of the training, our team’s confidence and skills have improved, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

Elizabeth Burton, Design Manager

Custom techniques

The client needed the quickest and most efficient ways of using Illustrator when designing for their product type. We focussed on easy editability and transferrable assets allowing their entire team to create new designs and multiple colourways in a few clicks. 

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Technical knowledge

Realistic and accurate knit textures allowed the client to pre-select before actioning samples, reducing waste and time. The techniques learnt also meant they could brief the factory more effectively, ensuring that the gauge and stitch count is technically accurate.


3D Visualisations

To save time and money on sampling we taught this client how to generate realistic 3D renderings of their products. We also created a series of guidelines for their designers to follow in order to create seamless prints across seams, which was a major issue they were experiencing with their suppliers.

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Top up of skills every year

"my design team and I learnt plenty of new skills and got great cheeky tips that will save us time further on in projects. It was a great course to brush up on existing skills and learn new things, Erica was so helpful with making the course tailored to our needs specifically and we really benefitted from it. Would happily consider having a top up of skills with her every year for the team to keep on top of things!"

Design Manager

Enhance and simplify processes

"CAD For Fashion has provided our new and existing employees with the tools and tutoring that they need to enhance and simplify the CAD side of their roles. The CAD For Fashion team are extremely friendly and adaptable which has enabled us to enrol various employees from multiple backgrounds and varying levels of experience. Highly recommended for all levels of experience!!"

Product and Design Manager

Easy to follow and well delivered

"Thank you to Stephen and yourself for your time yesterday and putting together a fantastic bespoke course. It was so easy to follow and well put together and delivered to get the most out of the day. We learnt so much and look forward to going through all our notes and files to refresh what we learnt and put them into practice"

Senior Designer


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