From staff training and lesson plan/content creation to full module delivery; let us help you to equip your students with the skills needed to thrive in the fashion and textiles industry. Schedule a call with our tutors to discuss your needs. 


Fully integrated learning

Let us work backwards from your learning outcomes and create a bespoke plan that will not only equip students with the CAD skills but also help them to see the importance and relevance this has for their career. We are passionate about making the software secondary to what you do with it, it should be an empowering tool for creativity that gets the students excited instead of terrified. 

Recorded video lessons

Get bespoke lessons to integrate into your curriculum or utilise our library of pre-recorded, instructional videos. We cover a wide range of fashion, textile and marketing/business-related content in bite-size videos of engaging and relevant information, designed to work as a single video or as a series.


Engaging online delivery

Whether its Teams, Zoom or Collaborate our tutors are able to adapt quickly to different formats and requirements; catering for different group sizes, level of ability and time restraints. Our tutors are experienced lecturers and industry practitioners meaning content and delivery will be relevant and professional with student satisfaction and engagement our top priority.