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Learn 3D: Fundamentals of CLO3D

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Week 2 Recording

Hi @Everyone

Here is the recording for Week 2.

A massive well done this week, you have all absolutely flown through the sewing tasks! 😍

Keep practicing, I look forward to you all letting me know next week which is your favourite sewing tool!

I have updated the files for 402, 403 & 411 so that they are easier to use if you want to redownload them 🙂

I have split the files down now for next week into a new folder (Week 3 Exercise files) I would recommend downloading them all including the assets folder as we may get through quite a lot next week.

If you already downloaded all of the files in the Week 2 Exercise file then this will be fine, I have just added an additional though (705A_3D Pen Avatar) so please don't forget that one!

Have a fabulous week & I will see you next Saturday!

Laura 💚


Hello! Welcome to the group 👋🏻 You are here because you...


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