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Learn 3D: Fundamentals of CLO3D

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Laura Fish
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Belated Welcome!

Hi all and welcome to the group 😀

Apologies for the delay in the first post! It has been great to meet most of you today and learn all about your journeys within the industry and what you want from the course. @g_harding09 I look forward to our official intro next week!

You are all such a diverse group so it's a really exciting one to be a part of, I look forward to you all challenging me to find new and innovative ways to support you on your journey in CLO!

Just a takeaway from today... if your computer is running quite slow, please do not panic... it is hard work for your computer to run zoom and CLO at the same time on a standard spec, so if you struggle to follow along, that's not an issue, you can always watch the videos back which you have access to FOREVER ✨ and use as many CLO trials as you need to before you fully commit to the software.

I will also be adding a post later today with info on the ideal computer spec to go for if you do want to upgrade (not essential to complete the course so don't worry!)

I am also here covering the chat if you need any support and will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

This weeks lesson recording will be uploaded here later today so watch out for it!

@g_harding09 if you had already downloaded the exercise files you may need to download again as there had been an issue with upload and only the png files were showing (you will need zprj. files for CLO), They are now all uploaded for this week and next week.

I have also fixed the 'frozen' piece issue in file 303 (Gizmo Tool, under 03. Arrangement)

Have a great week and see you all next Saturday!

Laura 💜


Hello! Welcome to the group 👋🏻 You are here because you...


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