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Masterclass: Ai for Print and Textiles

Learn how to introduce AI into your design process without selling your soul as a designer.

  • Starts 9 Sept
  • 65 British pounds
  • Online

Available spots

What will I learn?

Despite popular belief, AI does not just do it for you with a click of a button! Great design requires an understanding of design principles and context, such as audience, client preferences, awareness relating to end-use, and production limitations. AI also cannot bring originality, vision, or critical thinking. What it can do, however, is become a powerful tool in your toolkit. AI tools bring an exciting blend of experimentation and creativity to a design process that can sometimes feel rushed and undervalued. It can save you time while giving your clients more choice and flexibility. In this two-part, live, and interactive masterclass on using AI for print and textile design, you will learn about AI tools and techniques and how to apply them to your own creative brief. ✨Part 1 - Live interactive demonstrations on Adobe Firefly and Photoshop for idea generation, iterations of your designs and editing. We also have some tips on repeats and examples of integrating these tools into your design/client processes. ✨Part 2 - This live session will focus on troubleshooting, Q&A, sharing what we have learned and discussing the results as a group. You can also choose to share your results with the group too, however, that is entirely your choice! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Questions, discussion, collaboration and new ideas are all greatly welcomed both in the sessions and in the dedicated masterclass forum in between sessions. The forum is there for you to share your work, get help from your tutor and get to know your fellow learners. With a focus on practical application, this masterclass is for anyone looking to use AI tools to spark new ideas and push the boundaries of traditional design thinking. We can't wait to show you our favourite and most accessible tools for textile designers, 2️⃣ 2 sessions over 2 weeks 🙋‍♀️Practical and interactive, so cameras and mics on, and ask as many questions as you like!! 🎥 No frantic note-taking here - all sessions are recorded for you to watch back 💬 Access to a dedicated forum for you to share your work, get help from your tutor and get to know your fellow learners 🌍 Open to learners worldwide - a good understanding of spoken English is required 🏅 Certificate to say you have attended a C4F Masterclass 🎓 10% Student/Grad discount - use code STUDENTGRAD10 at checkout ⚠️ You will need a valid full or trial Adobe license for the course duration

Any questions, please get in touch!

When will it take place?

Cancellation Policy

To ensure a positive learning experience for everyone, we ask that you review and adhere to the following guidelines. Learning requirements: • You will require the full app version of the training platform Hurdle, which will be provided by us. • You will need a valid full or trial version of CLO or Adobe for the learning duration (please refer to our FAQs for the minimum system requirements for each software). • You will need a 3-button mouse (no Apple Magic Mouse or Wacom Tablets, please). Note that this applies to CLO training only. • Optionally (but recommended), have a secondary screen (monitor or iPad) to watch the tutor's screen during training. • A stable internet connection. Act professionally and be respectful: • Treat your fellow learners and tutors with professionalism and respect. • Avoid any behaviour that may disrupt the learning process or disrespect others. Attendance: • Attend all scheduled sessions punctually, making every effort to be present and engaged. • If unable to attend a session, please notify your tutor in advance. • Missing more than two sessions without prior notice or valid reasoning may impact your eligibility for a certificate of completion. Note that this applies to group sessions only. Cancellation and rescheduling: • Full refunds are available for cancellations made at least one week before the scheduled session. • Refunds cannot be issued for cancellations made less than one week before the session. • If you need to reschedule a session, provide at least 48 hours notice. If rescheduling within 48 hours is unavoidable, please contact us at Note that rescheduling applies to tuition sessions only; group sessions cannot be rescheduled. By participating in our online learning, you acknowledge and agree to these guidelines. Thank you.

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