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Learner Spotlight | Aqsa Mahmud - Aspiring Print Designer

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Here at C4F we are all about community, our new monthly feature provides the opportunity to showcase and celebrate your creative achievements!

We are so excited to introduce Aqsa Mahmud as our first learner in the C4F spotlight.

Earlier this year Aqsa came to us hoping to brush up on her Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills. Eager to keep a hand drawn perspective, Aqsa worked with our resident print and textiles expert Stephen, learning to combine traditional and digital techniques, opening the software to endless possibilities and creative options.

Feeling lost in terms of progression and relying on internet tutorials, our online tuition quickly became the perfect learning space for Aqsa: tuition with us 100% guided by you. Aqsa's confidence and print designs have developed so much in a short space of time, her eye for detail has resulted in a collection of amazing prints we can't wait to share with you!

A screenshot of one of Aqsa's tuition sessions with Stephen
Tuition session in action!

"My approach and thought process regarding designing patterns has completely changed since receiving lessons from Stephen. My passion and enthusiasm for print design has heightened and I am now able to produce patterns with more speed, precision and accuracy." Aqsa Mahmud

Aqsa is fashion design graduate passionate for designing prints which tell a story, inspired by her love of Islamic Art, History and Asian Culture.

CAD for Fashion learner learning Illustrator for garment drawing
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