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Supercharge your Illustrator skills with plug-ins

The overwhelm is real when you are learning how to use Illustrator. This is particularly true for fashion designers who have spent their education working with paper, fabric, paints and pins!

Once a designer gets to industry the realisation of a life spent creating designs on a computer sets in and the struggle begins.

Plugins are powerful tools that can make this transition easier, allowing you to concentrate on the design rather than the software.

Benefits of Plugins

Plugins pop up as extra tools and panels inside your usual Adobe Illustrator workspace. They do a variety of different jobs but ultimately they enhance and simplify the things that the software already does i.e. native functions.

As a fashion and textile designer, the aim is to create the best quality designs and visualisations quickly and effectively, which is where these plugins can really help.

From making reflecting super simple, drawing even easier to libraries of easy-to-re-colour textures and trims... keep scrolling to see what we love about these plugins.



Library of easy to scale, seamless fabric textures

Quickly and naturally recolour textures

Add your own textures and even print artwork

Organise your textures in the texture manager



FREE when you download Astute Manager

Apply easy symmetry without complex groups

Edit and see changes in real-time

Perfect for garment flats, patterns and graphics



A more natural and easier to drawing tool

Ideal for stylus devices e.g. Wacom, Surface Pro

Personalise settings

Spend less time: trimming, joining and lining up points and paths

If you want to learn more about how these plug-ins work in Illustrator then join us for a FREE Skills Update: Supercharge your Illustrator skills with plug-ins | Sept 19th 18:50 BST

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