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Hi there! My name is Ellie and I just heard about the 'Skills Update' webinar through someone in my network. I'm a freelance pattern maker using Clo3D and Adobe Illustrator and I sometimes provide tips and tricks on Clo3D via my IG page, although I haven't been very active lately as I took a break over the holidays :) I hope to learn and network with others. I'm always excited to meet other fashion freelancers and I know I am a little behind with implementing ai tools so I'm here for that as well.

Erica Horne
Laura Fish
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Jan 11

Hey 👋🏻

Thanks for joining the group! Love that you are using your platform for sharing tips 💕

Hopefully you enjoy the Skills Update and get lots from it!



You are here because you joined us for one of our Skills Upd...


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